About us

ScotBUG is a Cycling Scotland/Bike Station initiative designed to make setting up Bicycle User Group (BUG) easy. BUGs are a great way of engaging with staff within your workplace by: sharing news; providing support; posting stories and offering encouragement.

Cycling Scotland is a registered charity (SC029760) and a company limited by guarantee. We receive funding from Transport Scotland to bring cycling out from the fringes of everyday life and into the mainstream. We aim to establish cycling as an acceptable, attractive and practical lifestyle option.


A sustainable, inclusive and healthy Scotland where anyone, anywhere can enjoy all the benefits of cycling.


Cycling Scotland is the nation’s cycling organisation. Working with others, we help create and deliver opportunities and an environment so anyone anywhere in Scotland can cycle easily and safely.


As individuals we will lead by example and as an organisation, our values are to be:

Professional & evidence-driven