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  • What is a BUG?
    A BUG is a group of people that cycle to work and come together to provide support for other cyclists. It is a place to share information about cycling related issues, news or events. BUGs are also a one-stop-shop for employers that want to find out about anything cycling related.
  • Do BUGs cost money?
    No BUGs are free – costs depend on what you decide to do, but creating a BUG costs nothing except a bit of time.
  • Does it cost to register?
    No – registration is free, and you can get discounts on many activities from the Bike Station or elsewhere.
  • Do I need to get my employer's permission?
    Not necessarily – but it is best to check. Remember, it's in their interest too to support you as a cyclist. And if they aren't already, a BUG is a great place to start.
  • Why join ScotBUG?
    ScotBUG makes setting up a BUG easy, giving you a place to discuss all cycling related issues and access to lots of useful resources and services from the Bike Station. As well as this having a BUG is a step towards achieving Cycling Scotland's nationally recognised Cycle Friendly Employer award.
  • Why is cycling good for business?
    Employees that cycle are proven to be happier and more productive. As well as this regular cyclists take less days of absence due to sickness or ill health. Additionally a company that supports cycling is seen as a company demonstrating commitment to their employees and the environment.
  • Why is cycling good for me?
    Cycling regularly is proven to improve health, save you time, and save you money. Cycling's convenient and easy so get involved and start feeling the benefits.
  • Is ScotBUG only for Employers?
    No. ScotBUGs can be set up for you tenement, your street, your local sporting/social club. You will still have access to all of the resources and expertise the Bike Station offer.
  • How do people without internet access take part in our BUG?
    Use a notice board placed somewhere all cyclists will see it, such as your cycle parking. Print out any relevant news, events or information and post it on the board.
  • Is everything we write as news, events or on our wall viewable by everyone?
    No. Only your home page is viewable by everyone. Once logged in you can see news and events made public by other BUGs but otherwise everything else is only viewable by your own BUG.
  • If I set up our BUG will I be responsible for looking after it?
    Not necessarily. You can give others admin rights so that they too can create and edit news and events items.