Who's it for?

For companies and organisations large or small

Bicycle User Groups are a win-win for workplaces. They provide a one stop shop for consulting on all cycling related issues and a place for cyclists to come together and improve the cycling environment at your work place. Anyone can set one up, for example your BUG could be:

  • an initiative to promote a healthier more productive work force;
  • new cyclists doing it themselves, to improve cycling facilities and increase the numbers of regular cyclists;
  • a passionate cyclist that wants to promote cycling related events;
  • the list is endless...

With ScotBUG setting up your BUG has never been easier. ScotBUG offers a range of exciting features such as:

  • location specific weather forecasts;
  • a 'community wall' linking up all of the BUGS throughout Scotland;
  • a download section packed with specialist resources which you can add to with your own documents.

Business parks, shared buildings.....
If you are based at a shared site or building, team up with cyclists from other companies and create a BUG over more than one organisation.

Want a BUG at home for your shared tenement or for your social group? Then go ahead and create one, ScotBUG is open to anyone.